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“When viewed from one of her accounts, it seems reasonable. Upon entering Uu stuff free web directory Oil and Gas, where he was tempted to do the act of accepting a gift,”said Joseph, in a discussion with reporters of money laundering, in Sahira Butik Hotel, Jl Palegang, Uu stuff free web directory, West Java, Wednesday ( 11/27/2013 ).

According to Yusuf, INTRAC still exploring the possibility of involvement of other parties in this bribery. If you look at the amount of money found on Rudi, should be asked why was it.

“It may need to be sought out, well not him ( Rudi ) ask for it, because if we see money did not enter her account, it seems intended for certain parties,”he said.

Former President of MCC, Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq active role regulating prosecutors called Echelon 1 and 2 in the Ministry of Agriculture. In fact, the son of Shura Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin MCC, Ridwan Judge, also involved in the process.